A New Hampshire-based graphic designer, illustrator, and artist.

// About

Loren Marple is an artist and graphic designer based in New Hampshire.

My work is defined by bright color, texture, and bold specificity of shape. I do commercial work in print and web design, illustration, branding, and motion graphics. My personal work spans anything and everything (right now it’s collage inspired by memory, people, and relationships).


// commercial work

With a background in drawing and painting, I’ve learned design on the job at a furious rate. Working in communications at my alma mater has allowed me to stretch my skills in all new directions and work on many and varied projects, from:

A 38-page special feature in the UNH alumni magazine about the results of a record-breaking fundraising campaign


Clean and simple social media graphics congratulating UNH’s newest students, the Class of 2023, as well as a variety of print and digital assets supporting the university’s student recruitment efforts, including an important print piece highlighting student outcome stats.

Take a look at my services to see what skills I have to offer, or contact me about a potential project. I’d love to hear from you!


// artist statement

I work to explore the little things I ignore and the ones I obsess over for months.

I play in imagined worlds where only the tips of fingers collide and in ones formed by this memory of that person (who I spent less than a day with in the sandy room with the pink glowing light). I ask myself how I can record the color and bend of that (real or) imagined memory through the collage process. Through the creation of a limb-heavy alphabet of visual symbols that repeat in ever-expanding combinations.

In anything and everything I am mostly trying to express something fundamental. The realness and the goodness and the melancholy of it all.

Layering photographs with scanned and digitally manipulated paintings, I’m slowly getting at that something, that slippery little bit of what is needling in the back of my mind. It’s truths I’m after; what we all hide from ourselves when we are convinced we aren’t looking.


// artist bio

Loren Marple uses shifting memory and personal experience to inform her collages and paintings, exploring themes of connection and that which we keep hidden.

Growing up in a very close family, her relationship with her sister informed her early paintings in college, drove her first narratives, and informed her shape-making. This work evolved, continuing to use strong lines, forms, opacity, and transparency to delve further into themes of connectedness, humor, and foreboding, all contained within an idiosyncratic world.

After completing her BFA degree, Loren served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, but returned early after 14 months of service. A couple of years after her return, she reflected on the experience and her memories in a new body of work, one that processed lingering feelings of yearning for the vast views and headspace of new experiences and people, as well as feelings of guilt for not completing her service. Specific symbols and parts of figures emerged repeatedly in the work, creating a visual language that speaks simultaneously of joy, regret, and longing.

Loren’s work continues to exude a playful and occasionally melancholic feeling, one that embraces the odd and surreal aspects of the everyday. Her exuberant use of color and bold child-like shapes evokes that vivid elusiveness of what lies in the back of one’s mind. In choosing what to deliberately obscure and reveal, her work questions what truth in memory really looks like.

Loren has been an artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center, and has exhibited nationally and throughout New England, most recently at The Magenta Suite in Exeter, NH. She currently lives in the New Hampshire seacoast and works at the University of New Hampshire.